I Cant Pretend the Movie

"Welcome to the world of ‘I Can’t Pretend’. It’s a movie. It’s a riveting adventure. It’s inspired by a true story. It’s a tapestry of the minds. And hearts. And souls of all mankind. And it’s yours to embrace – scene by scene – in the following screen play script. Many many thank yous are deserved for making ‘I Can’t Pretend The Movie’ possible. Particularly noteworthy is the world class Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. For recommending CIM graduate – professional pianist Peter Tavens MM – to perform the title song ‘I Can’t Pretend’ for this movie. For providing Mr. Alan Bise, CIM’s Director of Recording Arts and Services to personally record the music in CIM’s Kulas Hall on May 5, 2013. For working together with GoDaddy.com’s Mr. Jonathan Stoker to make this website a reality.


Stay tuned to this website. During the months ahead you will meet the crew. The cast. You will experience snippets of actual film footage. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for sharing with us the making of this extraordinary movie.